Happy new year!

January 11, 2008

Wishing all my loyal, intermittent, readers a very happy new year! I hope your festive season was enjoyable and you are now all set for a fulfilling and prosperous 2008.

For me, this time of year is always a time of reflection as well as a time of renewed optimism for what the new year will hold.

Rockpools achieved so much last year. We introduced new services and sector offerings; we won an array of new high-profile assignments, and we strengthened our position as a UK market leader in executive resourcing, leadership development and corporate governance. We also welcomed much new talent to our ever-growing team.

Can we top that? Well, if this first week is any gauge for the success of the year, then I think we are well on the way.

So, again, I wish you a great 2008 – a year which I’m sure will be one of the best yet.



September 11, 2007

signed up a little bit sceptical but in two months the people in leicester have increased by 4000 and there will be 10000 new students starting in the next few weeks! there are 27 people in the leicester city council network but just think where that could go in terms of communications…..

then i get notification of people joining friends networks and they are cabinet ministers! where does this take us in terms of openess, accessibility and fun? then today p13 of the FT all about facebook!

i love change and new things… scary as they are!

it’s good to be back

August 31, 2007

This is now my 3rd day back in the office after a wonderful holiday in France with the family. I did have a great holiday – relaxing with my family by the beach is one of the best things in life – but it feels good to be back, reenergised and refreshed.

Why? Well, time away has given me a chance to reflect on how far Rockpools has come in the last three years. Realising what a talented group of people we have assembled for our team, with many more to join in the coming months, really gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Knowing that we’re actually living the values that we based the foundation of Rockpools on at the very beginning is also something I’m very proud of. And our constant, onward march towards new services, new innovations, new sectors, new levels of excellence is something that is guaranteed to keep me passionately committed to what I do.

So, I’m pleased to be back and excited by all the great things in store for the firm this autumn…Certainly more blog posts!


July 27, 2007

i have had a great couple of days in Buckinghamshire working on the appointment of the director of the two tier partnership. a really good process run by the county but real buy in from the districts and a passion for being trailblazing in this agenda.

it could potentially be risky mentioning specific clients in a blog but on the other hand i think i should mention what i am doing and this partnership is unique so i should promote it.

off on hols at the weekend then back for a panel next week. i am really looking forward for some time to relax, have fun with the family and also time to think about the longer term issues in the business.

for anyone who is following my blog i will be in saint palais sur mer google it and you may see me on the council web cam that is linked to the mayors site

interesting restaurant

July 24, 2007

went to a new restaurant this evening, it is in the building where the NUJ were based and is an oasis in the middle of kings cross. It is called acorn house. http://www.acornhouserestaurant.com the food was very good and different, the service attentive and the atmosphere relaxed with good music. Iwas trying to work and poss not the best atmosphere, tables very close together, a bench on one side but would go there again for something informal.

Interesting to see how the area develops as the eurostar opens….

an interesting angle on blogs

July 21, 2007

it has been a while, thats about running a sucessful business and also disciplining myself to add to my blog. It’s interesting that i am getting feedback from competitors about the fact that i have not updated my blog….. good to see they are looking at our site!

anyway, all is good, winning lots of work and the recruitment campaign has been fantastic, we will be announcing some fantastic hires over the next few weeks.

it is busy though, trying to get lots of assignments finished before the holidays.

bleeding heart

May 10, 2007

i was fortunate to be taken to the restaurant today by the guardian. the food was fantastic, the service attentive and the atmosphere relaxed.

i love the whole concept they have created there, the tavern, bistro and restaurant all beautiful food and great service. i found out today they have a new experience ” no 1″ i will have to go there soon.

back again

May 7, 2007

sorry its been a while again! work life balance ok but work, life,blog balance more tricky! lots of people responding to our advert in the sunday times last week very interesting people and great that they want to join our business.

a restful weekend of my family, sport, friends and music so feel realxed and ready for the week ahead.

its been a while……….

April 20, 2007

i went away for a break at easter and lame as it sounds i did not have access to the internet (long story) then back and a fantastic week at work.

lots of new tenders and new work, plus catching up with everyone. also being away for a few days means i come back refreshed and full of new ideas to move the business on. the best news is finalising the accounts for last year.

back from ppma

March 29, 2007

here i am back in London and ready to go to the next event, a reception to mark the retirement of Bill Kilgallon, Chief Executive of SCIE. an awesome man, who i first interviewed several years ago.

ppma was quiet this year, another event where there seemed to be more consultants than poss clients, will have to think carefully about these events in the future